A gift to say you love her and you believe in her everyday!

The biggest shopping day of the year is 1 week away.  When you go looking for a gift what is it that you look for?  Are you frustrated with so many gifts that are empty in meaning?  Do you have difficulty finding a gift that says how you feel?

I certainly want my gifts to express my love for them.  I want nothing more than to gift my loved ones with something meaningful. What that means in my home is that they have now come to accept homemade gifts.  Some are better than others I must admit.

I have painted T-shirts, to made clocks out of random items, to creating love boxes, and many others!

Nothing is more frustrating than hunting all day to find the gift that says you love them and believe in them. That is precisely why Womanly Journey exists!  I found I love to create gifts that come from the heart.  Wait till they see what I have coming this year 🙂 .  It is coming together!

One of my best created gifts is the Journey Bracelet and Book gift set.

The Womanly Journey Bracelet was born to tell a woman in your life you love her and you believe in her.  The great thing is that you tell her this everyday whether she wears her bracelet or not.  Her gift book is the second reminder that you love and believe in her.

Honoring a woman in your life is cheaper this weekend!  Orders must be made via email to  everything@womanlyjourney.com

All orders made by Sunday 11/21/10 11:59 PM  will receive the following:

  1. Gift bracelet and book set for $40.  That’s 20% off
  2. Free Shipping anywhere in the US

Experience your gift!This is the packaging your love one sees when they open their gift

This is the core bracelet with 3 charms to remind them you love them, you believe in them, and you wish for them to claim their freedom.  Freedom in this way means that you want her to not limit herself and push through her fears to be the woman you see inside her.

By honoring a woman of any age in your life you are creating waves of positivity!  Those waves impact everything and everyone around them.


~Kristin Springfield



~ by womanlyjourney on November 19, 2010.

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