The Day of Giving Thanks

Here we are at Thanksgiving day 2010.  This holiday is by design to be a time when we pause………. recognize what we are thankful for, and then spend it with our loved ones.  Is that really what many of us do?  I mean really do.  I practice this pretty regularly, the pausing and recognizing all that I am grateful for.  Yet today I wanted to do something different.  Not only be thankful, but do something.

By nature I am a doer.  I don’t tend to sit and think on something for a long time.  When I get an idea or am motivated to do something, watch out.  There are 2 choices for others around me when I step into action on a task.  The choices are to collaborate and create something together, or get out-of-the-way.  So today my desire was to do something.  The in essence I wanted to give back something that I am thankful for.  There is nothing like having a home full of food to eat and the opportunity to eat together as a family.

This year the family decided to collaborate together to come up with a way to “give back” a family meal.   Therefore, the entire family (all 7 of us) participated in the Drumstick Dash in Roanoke, VA.  I love the tag line for the race: “move your feet so others can eat”.   It is put on by the Rescue Mission in Roanoke.  It was great!  Every few blocks there was live music from local musicians.  There were folks dressed in Thanksgiving style attire.  Over 10,000 people participated in this event.  Over 350,000 families were fed as a result of this event.  Wow! one person really can impact  many.  To think this event started with an idea of someone.  With group collaboration and a common goal, amazing things can happen.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for you!  We chose to take steps every day to love ourselves and believe in ourselves.  Some times are harder than others.  I encourage you to keep taking one step at a time towards the best you.  Letting our true self shine through is the greatest gift to offer.  By doing so we create a better world for all to live in.

This past year has been an accumulation of small steps to fulfill my dream.  My dream is to make a positive impact on all females.  At times it has felt like I will never get there and no one will see the purpose in my Journey Bracelets and company.  I just keep pushing through.  I would not be at this point without the love and support of my husband, daughter, sons, parents, friends, and amazing people like yourself.  I thank you with every ounce of my being!




~ by womanlyjourney on November 25, 2010.

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